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Hadiah Anda memungkinkan kami untuk menggunakan sumber daya intelektual anggota kami untuk memajukan tujuan kami, menjalankan kepemimpinan, dan melayani misi Institut dan anggotanya. Hadiah Anda yang dapat dipotong pajak akan memungkinkan kami untuk terus membuat program yang berfokus pada hasil yang membuat perbedaan di tahun-tahun mendatang.

Cara untuk Mendukung ICESNA

Ada banyak cara berbeda yang dapat Anda lakukan untuk mendukung misi kami sebagai donor:

Dana Abadi Khusus/Sumbangan Mendesak

Annual membership dues and member participation help ICESNA achieve its missions and serve its members and the Indonesian civil engineering community. 

Recruit new member

Help ICESNA grow by recruiting Indonesian civil engineers from your network or organization to join as a subscribing member.

Planned Gift

By making planned gifts, you establish a vital and enduring funding source that will support ICESNA's programs for years to come. These gifts serve as a testament to your unwavering dedication in sustaining our mission over the long term. Various avenues exist through which you can contribute your assets, including charitable gift annuities, donor-advised funds, IRA charitable rollovers, living trusts, and more. For further information on these options, please reach out to us at


Ask your employer to match your contribution. Many companies are supportive to the efforts of professional organizations and will match your charitable contributions to ICESNA as non-profit organization. If your company participates, processing information and corresponding paperwork can be obtained by emailing

Become a presenter

Serve to become a presenter for a webinar or lecture on the topic of your choice, that would provide new civil engineering insights to ICESNA members as well as foster valuable discussions and collaborations on the topic.


Become an ICESNA sponsor, and engage in fundraising activities that can support ICESNA events and programs.

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