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ICESNA UKRIM Seminar on Construction of San Francisco New Bay Bridge

The followings are our activities and contribution to the community: 

  1. Networking, collaborating and sharing information

  2. Meet & Greet and yearly group Meeting

  3. Local group social gathering  

  4. Providing platform for engineering and business discussions through webinars

  5. Mentoring and assisting newly graduate or new comers to the North America in entering job market

  6. Presenting papers of members’ expertise, lecturing to Universities in Indonesia or other countries that can benefit from our expertise

  7. Volunteering activities and fund raising to help disaster victims and during pandemic

  8. Providing scholarships to civil engineering students affected by the pandemic

  9. Providing technical advice to Indonesian Government on infrastructures planning if requested

  10. Partnering with institutions in Indonesia for guest lectures, seminars and webinars

Explore more of ICESNA's activities through the links below, including ICESNA's engagements through social gatherings, professional seminars, and community outreach programs.

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